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Member Spotlight

  • DCI Member Spotlight: National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

    May 06, 2015


    The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center reveals stories about freedom’s heroes, from the era of the Underground Railroad to contemporary times, challenging and inspiring everyone to take courageous steps for freedom today. The underlying theme of the Underground Railroad is that the path to freedom – historically and today – is a constant struggle requiring courage, cooperation and perseverance among people of diverse backgrounds who are willing to help one another. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center opened in August 2004 and is celebrating 10 years on the banks of the Ohio River.

    The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is a proud member and supporter of Downtown ​Cincinnati Inc. It is of the upmost importance to us that we are part of an organization that brings together all of Cincinnati’s unique organizations, institutions and venues to make the experience of this city, whether they are visiting or are native Cincinnatians, a memorable and enjoyable one.

    Closing Weeks of Unlocking the Gates of Auschwitz 70 Years Later
    Experience the powerful exhibition commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Unlocking the Gates of Auschwitz 70 Years Later before it closes May 27. Through artifacts, incredible photographs and powerful personal stories, this exhibit gives voice to the survivors and eyewitnesses of Auschwitz. Follow the journeys of local Auschwitz survivors, Bella Ouziel and Werner Coppel and explore how life and the spirit of resistance continued amidst the horrors of Auschwitz.

    Bella, born in Greece in 1925, was deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1943, where she and her sister were separated from the rest of her family. Before liberation she was forced on a death march to Bergen-Belsen in Germany and was not liberated until April 15, 1945. Werner, born in Germany in 1925, was deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1943. Before the camp was liberated, he was forced on a death march, from which he escaped into the woods and hid until he heard news of the camp’s liberation on a BBC radio broadcast.

    Unlocking the Gates of Auschwitz 70 Years Later was curated by the Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education with the guidance of Holocaust scholar Dr. Michael Berenbaum and features documents and artifacts on loan from the Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives, the Klau Library of Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, the Randolph family and the private collection of local collector Steven F. Cassidy. The exhibition uses never before seen artifacts to tell the history of the Holocaust from various perspectives: victim, collaborator, bystander and perpetrator.

    Closing Program, May 27 at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
    Join us in the Harriet Tubman Theater for the closing program of Unlocking the Gates of Auschwitz 70 Years Later, featuring a discussion with Holocaust survivors, Werner Coppel and Bella Ouziel. The program will also include special recognition of area liberators and veterans who served and sacrificed to further freedom and democracy. For more information about the program click here. To RSVP please call (513) 487-3055 or email

    To learn more about the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center visit


    Unlocking the Gates of Auschwitz 70 Years Later is presented by The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education featuring The Steven F. Cassidy Collection and in partnership with Cincinnati Museum Center and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

  • DCI Member Spotlight: METRO

    Apr 23, 2015

    Metro is a non-profit, tax-funded public service of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA), providing 17 million rides per year on Metro fixed-route and Access paratransit buses in the Greater Cincinnati area. Metro brings approximately 20 percent of downtown Cincinnati’s workforce into the city.

    Dwight Ferrell
    CEO and General Manager 

    Metro is No. 1.
    The University of Cincinnati Economics Center has concluded, for two consecutive years, that Metro is No. 1 in operational efficiency out of the transit systems in Cincinnati’s 11 peer cities, as deemed by Agenda 360 and Vision 2015. It’s also No. 1 in operational efficiency out of the five bus-only cities from this same set. In addition, Metro receives among the lowest amount of state and local funding per capita among the transit services in peer and bus-only cities, demonstrating that, in spite of limited funding, Metro provides a well-run and efficient service.

    A Partnership That Makes Sense
    Metro is a proud member of DCI. As the transportation provider for 20 percent of downtown’s workforce, it is important for Metro that the metropolitan region is dynamic and thriving, which is DCI’s mission. This is important to the livelihood of riders, their employers and the community at large. A successful downtown benefits public transportation, and robust public transportation benefits the city core.

    The Green Route
    Going Metro means going green. An individual who rides Metro instead of driving a car will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 4,800 pounds each year. In addition to decreasing harmful pollutants in the air and cutting traffic congestion, Metro goes even greener by:

    • Using rainwater to wash buses
    • Burning waste oil to heat garages
    • Recycling and reusing motor fluids such as antifreeze, refrigerant and power steering fluid
    • Recycling paper, plastic and cans

    Metro has 27 hybrid buses and 115 mini-hybrids in its 357-bus fleet, and each one saves about 30 percent in fuel use over the 12-year lifespan of a bus and significantly reduces emissions. This results in improved air quality in Greater Cincinnati and reduced dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels.

    But, there is always room for improvement. Going forward, Metro is setting higher sustainability goals and will be taking aggressive steps to become an even greener organization.

    Improving Access to Jobs
    Public transportation is a key factor to the Cincinnati region’s continued growth. The easier residents can connect to school, medical care, entertainment, and especially jobs, the healthier the region becomes. Indeed, of the 17 million rides Metro provideseach year, more than half are related to employment.

    Metro is doing further analysis to refine its go*Forward plan to ensure, among other improvements, that it will better connect riders to employment. By increasing service to Uptown, Cincinnati’s second-largest employment center, with the opening of the Uptown Transit District, and increased service to other major employment centers along the Montgomery Road corridor – including downtown – with Metro*Plus, Metro is already well on its way to connecting more Cincinnati residents to jobs.

    To learn more about Metro, visit

  • Member Spotlight: ArtWorks

    Apr 21, 2015

    Almost 20 years have passed since ArtWorks first set out to make a positive impact in Cincinnati through the creation of public art. It began with a desire to create brighter futures for Cincinnati’s youth through arts-based job opportunities. Over two decades, ArtWorks has grown to become the largest employer of visual artists in the region today.  Since 1996, ArtWorks has provided paying jobs for more than 2,700 youth (ages 14 to 21) and hundreds of professional artists - the economic impact of which represents more than $12MM in wages alone. ArtWorks creates art and community impact through three strategic programming areas: Public Art, including an extensive mural program; ArtRx, an initiative devoted to sharing the healing power of art; and Creative Enterprise, a division created to train and support creative entrepreneurs. 
    Martha the Last Passenger Pigeon 13_300ArtWorks is rewowned for creating large-scale murals that transform blank city walls into vibrant works of art. ArtWorks has 90 murals in 43 different neighborhoods, but downtown Cincinnati boasts the largest concentration, featuring 26 murals in the 45202 zip code. This outdoor gallery is not just the brainchild of a single artist - every mural is created through extensive community engagement and painted by a legion of our City's talented youth, ages 14 to 21.

    ArtWorks is proud to be a member of DCI. Our relationship with DCI connects ArtWorks to a broad network of businesses who are supportive and ready to collaborate.  Many of ArtWorks’ most prominent downtown murals were created as a result of these connections. Many DCI member organizations lend ArtWorks walls to paint on, share their facilities with painting teams, or contribute donations support mural projects.  DCI is integral to ArtWorks’ vision to make Cincinnati a unique, vibrant and prosperous place to live!

    Each year, ArtWorks hires 200 youth Apprentices who come from all over the region to work together under the guidance of professional artists. But beyond the paint, studies show that paid work experience during the high school years leads to higher levels of career success later in life. ArtWorks provides crucial job opportunities that give our City's teens an edge on the future. 

    Fresh Harvest 12_240Starting in April visitors to downtown can experience great art on a grand scale just by hopping on one of ArtWorks’ new walking tours. Led by youth Apprentice tour guides paired with specially trained adult volunteers, these fun and lively mural tours blend art, history and Cincy’s unique culture with a good walk through downtown or Over-the-Rhine. Tourists will get inside the scoop on how each mural came to be as they experience first-hand what makes the Queen City so special.

    But ArtWorks’ impact in downtown extends way beyond walls. Through the ArtWorks Creative Enterprise division, creative entrepreneurs have access to the knowledge and network they need launch and run a successful small business. CO.STARTERS, a nine-week business development program now has more than 240 graduates who have gone on to launch 34 businesses. Many are street-level businesses that fill vacant storefronts with unique businesses to add character, vibrancy and unique products and services to the urban center. Have you ever been to Off-the-Vine juice bar or Libby clothing boutique in Over-the-Rhine?  Those are just two of the many CO.STARTER graduates with businesses downtown! 

    ArtWorks is truly an arts tour-de-force, but its continued success depends on the support of individuals and local businesses. To share their mission and vision for Cincinnati with potential supporters, ArtWorks is hosting their Annual Breakfast at the Duke Energy Convention Center on April 30 from 7:30 to 9 a.m.  This inspiring storytelling event is free to attend. If you’d like to learn more about ArtWorks and how to support this transformative organization, please RSVP at

    To attend one of the ArtWorks walking tours, register online at  DCI members receive a 25% discount on ticket prices. 

  • Member Spotlight: Fountain Square Cosmetic Dental Group

    Feb 25, 2015

    Fountain Square Cosmetic Dental Group (FSCDG) has been part of the downtown business community for more than 60 years. During that time they have professionally and enthusiastically met the general and cosmetic dental needs of their downtown patients.

    The team at FSCDG has always participated in events downtown, from Tall Stacks to many programs on Fountain Square. They have also treated many performers visiting and working at Music Hall and the Aronoff Center. Other out-of-towners staying at area hotels have had their dental emergencies met at the FSCDG office, with its convenient location at the Fourth and Walnut Centre.  The team is also thrilled about all of the residents who have found a home in our revitalized, energetic downtown. They are looking forward to the completion of the streetcar next year, and increased activity.

    As a way to show their support for the city, FSCDG  has become by far, the largest supporter of the Downtown Gift Card program.  They currently reward their own supporters by giving them $25 gift cards when they make a referral.

    FSCDG recently signed a new, long term lease at their office.  "We’re in it for the long haul," say Dr. Glen Meyer and Dr. Andrew Harris.“Downtown Cincinnati Inc. has created just the right environment in which small businesses like FSCDG can thrive."

  • Member Spotlight: UC Health Primary Care

    Jan 26, 2015

    Primary care is critically important to every family and every individual. It’s where diagnosis and treatment begin. UC Health is proud to have dozens of primary care physicians conveniently located throughout Greater Cincinnati, including the community-based downtown Cincinnati location that opened in January 2013.  

    Dr. Bernard Lenchitz is passionate about health care, and is a very personable doctor who believes in developing an understanding of his patients and their goals to provide the best, personalized care. He is also now a Cincinnati native after moving here in 1985, proudly working 23 years in community health and raising a family in his beloved city. That’s why when UC Health Primary Care opened its downtown office in January 2013 in the US Bank Tower, Dr. Lenchitz took the reins to serve the residents and employees of downtown and the neighboring communities. Dr. Lenchitz and his medical staff practice general internal medicine.

    He has won numerous awards and honors for his contributions to education from the Departments of Family Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as directly from the College of Medicine. Dr. Lenchitz is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, and Board Certified in Internal Medicine for the past 23 years. His expertise resides with management of diabetes, hypertension, asthma and obesity. However, he has experience in all fields of general internal medicine.

    In addition, Dr. Lenchitz is an Associate Professor of Medicine with the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. He strives to teach cost-effective, safe, evidence-based and patient-centric health care and to impart this to every resident, student, colleague and patient with which he associates.

    You can learn more about his background and see his bio video at Dr. Lenchitz is accepting new patients. Call the office today at 513-475-7676.

    UC Health Primary Care (Downtown)

    425 Walnut Street, Suite 200
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
    Phone: 513-475-7676