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Sector Groups

To further strengthen Downtown Cincinnati Inc.'s (DCI's) commitment to improving the downtown environment and to leverage DCI's Ambassador program, DCI spearheaded the formation of four Downtown Sector Groups in 2002. Sector groups are made up of over 300 property owners, retailers, residents and other interested stakeholders in a particular geographical boundary of downtown. Regularly held meetings, led by sector leaders to identify and solve quality of life issues within the sector, are also attended by the District 1 Commander and the President and CEO of DCI.


  • Meetings: First Thursday of every month at 8:30 a.m.
  • Location: DCI, 35 E. Seventh St., Suite 209
  • Leaders: Rich Cappel 513.503.5904
    Mary Sue Matson 513.651.1661
  • Meetings:  First Thursday of every other month at 8:30 a.m.
  • Location: DCI, 35 E. Seventh St., Suite 209
  • Leaders: Paula Brehm-Heeger 513.369.6941
    Ty Haynie 513.762.4316

2018 Meeting Schedule
January - No Meeting 
February 2      
March 2    
April  6   
May 4   
June 1                                           

July - No meeting 
August 3 
September 7 
October 5
November 2
December 7
2017 Meeting Schedule
January – No Meeting

February 2
April 6
June 1
August 3
October 5
December 7

SOUTHEAST AND SOUTHWEST Sectors are combined

  • Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of every other month at 8:30am
  • Location: Varies
  • Leaders: Jamie Collier 513.227.7280
    Julie Hacker 513.651.3900
    Robb Rice 513.258.8288

2018 Meeting Schedule
January 24
March 28
May 23
July 25
September 26
November 28

Click here to download contact info and schedules for Downtown Sector Groups


Downtown Sectors

NORTHWEST Sector (Sixth St. to Central Pkwy and Vine to Central Ave.)

NORTHEAST Sector (Sixth St. to Central Pkwy and Vine to Eggleston Ave.)

SOUTHWEST Sector (Sixth St. to Third St. and Vine to Central Ave.)

SOUTHEAST Sector (Sixth St. to Third St. and Vine to Eggleston Ave.)


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