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Last year, DCI and 3CDC joined forces in an effort to better fulfill our similar missions. Together, we hope to continue the momentum of Cincinnati’s urban renaissance. Since our merger became official on January 1, 2019, our combined organization has been focused on creating operational efficiencies while providing exceptional service to our downtown property owners, residents, merchants, and visitors. 

While our combined organization resulted in nearly $600,000 in savings due to the efficiencies gained, the majority of those savings were redeployed into clean and safe services. The DCI Membership program has always allowed the organization to provide enhancements to the services guaranteed as part of the Downtown Cincinnati Improvement District (DCID) Services Plan.

As we evaluated the program over the past year, and had discussions with Downtown residents, property owners and members, we determined there were three main areas that our stakeholders would like to see enhanced services:  GeneroCity 513 and social outreach, beautification projects, and more downtown events. 

GeneroCity 513 – Providing assistance to those who are homeless or panhandling and connecting them to services such as mental health, addiction treatment, housing assistance and other needs. This also funds the Jobs Van Program, which provides cash payment for panhandlers to perform litter patrols and other tasks while engaging with social outreach workers to connect them to services. Learn more about this program at
Beautification – Enhancing the appearance of vacant properties by covering windows with images and graphics that promote downtown, as well as providing more planters and other streetscape elements at strategic locations. 
Downtown Events – Activating public spaces through pop-up events (like the Street Stage Project) at Piatt Park, Court Street and other locations in the Central Business District, to create vibrancy and support downtown businesses with increased foot traffic and visibility. 

As this money will go toward supporting enhanced services, we’ve decided to rename the program “Downtown Cincinnati Supporters” rather than DCI Membership. We feel this better reflects how this funding will be spent, and better captures how important your contribution is to our continued efforts to making Downtown Cincinnati a safe, clean and welcoming neighborhood for residents, property owners, and visitors alike.

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