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  • Graeter's Ice Cream

    Jan 09, 2019
    graeters header
    For nearly 150 years, the Graeter's company has been making their French Pot method ice cream for adoring fans in Cincinnati and beyond. Starting from humble beginnings, patriarch Louis Graeter sold ice cream at neighborhood street markets. But in time the Graeter's business, and family, continued to grow. Today, Graeter's is the only commercial ice cream manufacturer that uses the French Pot method and packs their ice cream by hand. Their famous chocolate chunks are created by pouring gourmet chocolate into a French Pot freezer, then breaking it up. You never know what size chocolate chunk you'll get! 

    When Jada Yuan, The New York Times "52 Places Traveler" in 2018 visited Cincinnati, she received explicit directions about what to do. "In Cincinnati, the consensus was clear: Go to Graeter’s, they said. And get the blackberry chip — in a pretzel cone." She was not disappointed. 

    Ice Cream in Season?
    Greater’s seasonal handcrafted ice cream and sorbets are only available during select times of the year. Order ice cream online or pick up at your favorite shop.

    January – February
    Chocolate Coconut Almond
      Chocolate Chip
    Cherry Chocolate Chip
    Mint Cookies & Cream
    Mystery Flavor
    April – May
    Strawberry Chocolate Chip
    Orange & Cream
    May – June
    Summer Bonus Flavor
    June – July
    Banana Chocolate Chip
    Key Lime Pie
    Cones For A Cure Flavor: Elena's 
      Blueberry Pie 
    October – November
    November – December
    Peppermint Stick 
    Graeter's name is now known across the country, having worked with Kroger to distribute ice cream to stores throughout the United States. They even have a celebrity following that includes Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Nick Lachey, Kevin Costner, and Justin Timberlake. 

    Closer to home, you can get your ice cream fix by visiting one of their 22 local stores, including on Fountain Square and in Over-the-Rhine, or visit and their new ice cream truck. 

    "We have a mystery flavor that is released in March," says Amanda Buechel, Graeter's social media manager. "This flavor is based on fan favorites from last years summer bonus flavors. It's going to be a real treat."

    And now, with the remodel of Cincinnati Union Terminal completed, once again Graeter's ice cream is available in the Rookwood Tea Room where you can find a full menu of ice cream, including their signature flavor, Black Raspberry Chip. 

    But Graeter's is more than delicious ice cream. "Our bakery is our best kept secret - that we want everyone to know about," says Amanda Buechel, Graeter's social media manager. "Our bakery has been around since 1957." 

    And remember: "Valentine's Day is coming up and we have tons of treats!" says Buechel. "We also make candy including chocolate-covered pretzels and chocolate-covered Oreo cookies and lots more!"

    Find out more about Graeter's handcrafted ice creams, candies, and pastries at
  • AHI Corporate Housing

    Aug 22, 2018
    ahi header

    Individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies all choose AHI. For over 20 years, we’ve helped thousands of people with the perfect home away from home. Short-term, temporary furnished apartments are our specialty.

    • Competitive rates
    • Resort-style apartment communities
    • World-class customer service 24/7
    • Fast and easy arrivals and move-outs
    AHI Corporate Housing in Cincinnati provides pet friendly, furnished apartments with short-term leases. All of our units have full-size kitchens and washer/dryers. Cable, wifi and utilities are all included with your lease as well. We offer all the comforts of home while you are away from yours. With more space and amenities than a hotel, AHI Corporate Housing is ideal for business travelers, individuals, military personnel and families.

    Whether you prefer to stay in the heart of downtown or a little outside of town, AHI has it covered. All you need to bring is food, clothes and yourself! 

    If you’re looking for furnished apartments or any kind of corporate housing, AHI Corporate Housing is happy to help you in any way that we can. We pride ourselves on customer service for all businesses, interns, travelers, and all other types of people that use our corporate housing on a regular basis.


    Find out more at
  • 1628 Ltd.

    Jul 24, 2018

    In Cincinnati,  1628 Ltd has become a brand that stands out in a crowd. Until 2016, the word "coworking" meant something very specific in Cincinnati. To most, it meant buzzy startup-friendly spaces with lots of events and different colored chairs and dogs running around. That, or it meant going to a coffee shop with the potential of spotty wi-fi.

    Enter Tamara Schwarting, a former Procter & Gamble manager. As a consultant, Tamara noticed a lack of local options for mid-to-late career independent professionals who desire attentive service and high-design; much like the coworking spaces she had experienced in bigger cities around the world. With her experience at P&G, and her passion for art and design, it was a gap she knew she could fill.

    She began with a research process to fully understand the needs of her potential users. She determined that her brand must solve fundamental problems for driven, successful, and passionate people lost in a sea of home offices and coffee shops. Before she had a name or a logo or a lease, she set down key insights that would drive every decision from development of the brand identity to the design and layout of the space to the type of paper available for note-taking in conference rooms.

    "Everything flows from the brand," says Schwarting. "We are not just providing space or desks, we're offering our members an experience so seamless that they're not even aware of the level of detail, they just feel this sense of comfort and security so they can focus on what's most important to them." 

    The name, 1628 was chosen to invite a sense of history and place as well as intrigue1628coworking1 and elegance. The 6000 square feet space spreads across two floors in the historic Doctor's Building, 11 Garfield Place, across the street from Piatt Park. The building also houses LPK, a global brand and innovation consultancy. The first floor of 1628 features contemporary clear chairs around sturdy wooden tables, multiple soft-seating areas, a large conference room and two smaller rooms for meetings and calls. The interior design, by local firm, HighStreet, is solidly contemporary with classic accents, such as the high-backed navy velvet chairs seated in the waiting area. Sheer curtains separate the three large work tables in the first floor to give teams a sense of privacy and separation without feeling cramped.

    The second floor features open seating and three smaller conference rooms with jet black tables and soft purple chairs. The windows look out towards the historic skyscrapers for which downtown Cincinnati is known. The upstairs invites collaboration and conversation with its dedicated whiteboard wall and more relaxed ambiance.  

    The art on the walls is a rotating collection curated by partnerships with local art collectors, galleries and institutions. Each time they hang a new exhibition, 1628 hosts an opening for members and artists. "I believe the art on our walls should inspire and challenge. Art creates an environment in which people want to do their best work and be their best selves. It’s very important to 1628 to continue to bring in new artists that will push our perspectives and spark creativity," says Schwarting. The 1628 team is constantly observing and collecting data to determine how to better serve the membership. There are simple lunch ordering systems built into iPads around the space, products for sprucing up before a meeting, and wine and beer for winding down after a long day. But that just scratches the surface. Every object serves a purpose: to satisfy a need or to awaken desire.

    People are noticing. Schwarting consistently receives feedback from members and guests expressing surprise that a space like hers exists in this corner of the Midwest. Companies like Schwarting’s represent the Midwest of the 21st century and are bringing design aesthetic and services that were historically seen only on the coasts. In addition to office space, 1628 hosts a variety of private events and meetings for companies based in Cincinnati or companies looking to grow a presence in the region.  More information about 1628 can be found at

    Key Project Partners:  Branding - BS LLC, Legal - Graydon, Architect – TDA, Interior Design - High Street,  Real Estate - Cushman Wakefield, Construction - HuDawn, Photography - Annette Navarro  



  • Changing Times, Changing Lives

    Jun 04, 2018

    ywca face header
    The YWCA Greater Cincinnati celebrates its 150th anniversary serving the Greater Cincinnati community on June 6. The agency’s mission of “eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all” continues to be as relevant as ever.

      ywca 150
    Join the Celebration!

    The YWCA invites the community to join them on Fountain Square on Friday, June 8, from 11 a.m. -1 p.m. to celebrate this monumental milestone and learn more about their work.   

    The first YWCA was located on Longworth Street and the cost to stay there was $3.50 per week. After several moves necessitated by expansion, the YWCA settled into its current location at 898 Walnut Street in a 13 story building, built for the agency in just one year, that opened in 1929. In the early ‘70’s they stopped offering housing to women due to lack of need.

    Each year they serve more than 34,000 women, men and their families, through programs and services focused in three key areas:

    • Empowerment & Economic Advancement
    • Health & Safety
    • Racial Justice & Inclusion

    Often these clients are the most vulnerable in our community. During these 150 years the YWCA Greater Cincinnati has been instrumental in leading the way for systemic positive change in our community. Just some of the “firsts” that came from our own YWCA:

    • 1876 1st Employment Bureau exclusively for women
    • 1900 1st Typing Classes for women
    • 1915 1st Women’s Basketball Team
    • 1917 1st Automobile Mechanics Class for Women
    • 1920 Adopted national platform on wages and work week
    • 1930 YWCA women supported anti-lynching legislation
    • 1946 1st Interracial Charter
    • 1950 1st Integrated Cafeteria in the city
    • 1975 Led the way in establishing MLK birthday as a state holiday
    • 1976 Raised the issue of Domestic Violence
    • 1978 1st Domestic Violence Shelter
    • 2001 Sponsored the Three Minutes of Silence following the city’s unrest

    Protecting women and children, fighting against gender and racial injustice, standing against hateful acts are just a few of the ways the YWCA makes a difference. Since its founding in 1868, the YWCA has been a keystone for positive change in the lives of hundreds of thousands of women, men and their families. Consistently identifying the needs of women, the YWCA then meets them head on. YWCA programs and services empower individuals to enhance their lives-whether it is escaping from abuse, learning to read or training for a job.  

    Learn more about the YWCA at

  • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

    Mar 14, 2018
    freedom center blink dionBrown

    Dion Brown wasted no time starting his new position as president here at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (NURFC) on Monday, February 26. He was already aware we’d have a lot of time getting to know one another as we in the marketing department were planning his media tour about a month before his arrival.

    Right before his first interview as a Freedom Center representative with one of the local magazines, he mentioned to me that he had completed his last day at the National Blues Museum in St. Louis (which he helped start), just the Friday before and got on plane to come here to the Queen City on the following Sunday. I was amazed how eager he was to speak with each journalist after all the traveling he did in such a short amount of time. He showed no signs of being tired or overwhelmed.

    “I want to let everyone know, I am here to stay,” he mentions in every interview. Brown wants to bring a sense of stability to the institution and emphasizes that he wants to learn from each of us on staff. “I’m not going anywhere until they run me off,” he jokes. Even after the interview, he says “I’m serious Will. I’m really an advocate on what this place is about.”

    I’m learning just how humble Brown is as he’s asked around on what churches to visit, to where some of the best restaurants to eat are, to even referring to me as “sir” while having twenty years seniority on me. As he begins going around each day to observe the museum’s exhibits in his few moments of down time, he often stops at the windows of the third floor terrace where our eternal flame is located. “Seeing the eternal flame outside moved me. It made me reflect”, he says also adding it was one of the contributing factors of him taking the job offer.

    Strategic planning for the museum’s upcoming years is top priority for Brown. He told me that one of things he wants to do is have the museum be more inviting to local residents. “Although this is a nationally accredited institution, this is also Cincinnati’s museum. It’s in your backyard and people need to take advantage of it”, he states.

    We are looking forward to working with our new president as we continue to push our mission in the ongoing fight for freedom. Just as much as we’re excited to have Brown on board, we hope the city will also embrace him with open arms. We encourage you to visit to stay updated on what’s happening with him as well as upcoming programs and exhibits. Let’s all welcome Dion Brown, to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and especially Cincinnati.

    - Will Jones 
    Public Relations & Social Media Coordinator
    National Underground Railroad Freedom Center 

    About the Museum
    The museum is located just a few steps from the banks of the Ohio River, the great natural barrier that separated the slave states of the South from the free states of the North. Since opening in 2004, the museum has filled a substantial void in our nation’s cultural heritage. Rooted in the stories of the Underground Railroad, it illuminates the true meaning of inclusive freedom by presenting permanent and special exhibits that inspire, public programming that provokes dialogue and action, and educational resources that equip modern abolitionists.

    The NURFC has a mission to reveal stories of freedom’s heroes, from the era of the Underground Railroad to contemporary times, challenging and inspiring everyone to take courageous steps of freedom today. 

  • What Makes Downtown Successful?

    Feb 14, 2018
    Cincinnatus Reflectus - Jason Haley bridge
    Downtown is the place where we celebrate special times in our lives -- weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays. Downtown is where we see amazing art exhibits, listen to talented musicians, and experience great performances. Downtown is where we cheer on the home team.

    Remember the last time you were downtown? Did you see men and women in bright orange polo shirts or bright blue jackets sweeping up litter, cleaning up graffiti, and offering directions?

    That’s Downtown Cincinnati Incorporated (DCI) in action!

    All About DCI

    With a mission to build a dynamic metropolitan center valued as the heart of the region, DCI oversees the successful Ambassador program. Every day, these men and women  make sure downtown is safe, clean, and welcoming to all. We manage the Downtown Cincinnati Gift Card, publish an annual State of Downtown report, coordinate the pop shops, and host events during the holiday season.

    "DCI membership connects you to a committed group of businesses and people who know how important a strong downtown is to Cincinnati," says Sam Bortz, the chair of DCI's membership commitee. "Whether you work in marketing, advertising, or construction DCI’s working groups are a great way to connect with like-minded people in the region."

    DCI provides leadership and advocacy for important issues that ensure long-term downtown vitality. DCI delivers its mission by providing services in three areas:

    • Maintaining and enhancing a safe, clean and welcoming environment downtown
    • Maintaining and enhancing the image, awareness and usage of downtown as a vibrant hub of activity through strategic marketing and communications
    • Advocating for and supporting business, retail and residential growth downtown through stakeholder services programs 

    Become a Member of DCI 

    With your support, DCI can continue to make downtown and our region a place where people want to work, play, and live. The contributions we receive from corporate and individual memberships help keep our streets clean and safe, promote local businesses, and ensure downtown’s continuing momentum.

    By becoming a member of DCI, you will join a strong and dedicated network of individuals and organizations supporting our mission to build a dynamic metropolitan center valued as the heart of our region.

    Please support our efforts. Join as a supporting member of DCI today!


  • Visconti Realty

    Nov 15, 2017


    Visconti Real Estate LLC serves corporations and relocation management companies throughout the world and artfully balances managing relocation policy with the actual needs of the transferee. Many of our clients have turned to us time and time again to help them in each exciting change of life.

    "Downtown Cincinnati Inc. has been a fantastic partner for our business,".says Shannon Visconti, co-founder. "As downtown becomes more vibrant and exciting every day, DCI keeps us, and our clients, up-to-date on all the great changes. One of the exciting parts of our company is that we work with many companies who are relocating employees to our city, and DCI has been an integral part in helping us introduce them to Cincinnati and what the city has to offer."  

    Founded in 1999 as Corporate Rental Company by Shannon and Gary Visconti, the company rebranded in March, 2016 to reflect our expanded services. Our sole focus as a real estate boutique has given us a high level of service delivery that has proven to be invaluable to their clients. We attribute this primary focus, combined with a core competency and service execution, for the increased number of people they are serving. In today’s challenging real estate market conditions, from entry level to VIPs, Visconti Real Estate, LLC expertise creates success and peace of mind for those who have real estate needs and goals.

    "In 2018 we will celebrate 19 years in business," says Visconti. "We have helped Cincinnati’s Fortune 500 companies  relocate thousands of employees to  Cincinnati and assisted them in buying and leasing their perfect home or condo when they arrive. We love Cincinnati!"

    Moving should be an adventure, not a chore.As a full service agency, we have the resources and experience to navigate your family through a stress-free, comfortable transition. Whether you are moving from a few states away, or from half-way around the world, we empower our team to get to know your individual needs and deliver the best possible customer experience. Let us guide you through your relocation, and help you to love Cincinnati as much as we do.

    Finding a Home

    At Visconti Real Estate, we pride ourselves on our settling-in support, helping make your transition to Cincinnati quick and comfortable. Settling-in services include: familiarization tours, airport “meet and greet”, connection of utilities, information about schools and health care, opening bank accounts, obtaining credit cards, arranging insurance, local community information, and networking groups. We specialize in international transferees, and will tailor a program specific to your family’s unique needs.

    Cincinnati is a vibrant city with a perfect blend of rich culture, history, and hometown charm. Cincinnati’s strong job market, excellent schools, and a thriving downtown that attract today’s families. Residents benefit from a wealth of big-city amenities, including museums, performing arts, professional sports teams and award-winning restaurants. Families enjoy the Cincinnati Museum Center and Smale Riverfront Park, while the city’s many breweries, like Christian Moerlein and Rhinegeist are a nod to Cincinnati’s German heritage. Arts and entertainment venues include parks with free concerts, the symphony, ballet, and opera at historic Music Hall, Broadway performances at Cincinnati’s Arnoff Center, and live outdoor performances at Washington Park.

    Our professionals are experts at navigating the local real estate market, and are dedicated to providing you with outstanding service, personal attention, and impressive results. With 18 years in the Cincinnati real estate industry, Visconti Real Estate has long-standing relationships with hundreds of companies, and has access to the area’s most comprehensive rental and sales database. We are an Ohio licensed real estate agency, a member of the European American Chamber, the Greater Cincinnati Relocation Council, Downtown Cincinnati Inc., and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

    For almost two decades, we have been dedicated to helping families and professionals from all over the globe find the perfect home in the city of Cincinnati. Let Visconti Realty use our resources, experience, and skills, to take care of your real estate needs so you can focus on what matters most.


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