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  • AHI Corporate Housing

    Aug 22, 2018
    ahi header

    Individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies all choose AHI. For over 20 years, we’ve helped thousands of people with the perfect home away from home. Short-term, temporary furnished apartments are our specialty.

    • Competitive rates
    • Resort-style apartment communities
    • World-class customer service 24/7
    • Fast and easy arrivals and move-outs
    AHI Corporate Housing in Cincinnati provides pet friendly, furnished apartments with short-term leases. All of our units have full-size kitchens and washer/dryers. Cable, wifi and utilities are all included with your lease as well. We offer all the comforts of home while you are away from yours. With more space and amenities than a hotel, AHI Corporate Housing is ideal for business travelers, individuals, military personnel and families.

    Whether you prefer to stay in the heart of downtown or a little outside of town, AHI has it covered. All you need to bring is food, clothes and yourself! 

    If you’re looking for furnished apartments or any kind of corporate housing, AHI Corporate Housing is happy to help you in any way that we can. We pride ourselves on customer service for all businesses, interns, travelers, and all other types of people that use our corporate housing on a regular basis.


    Find out more at
  • 1628 Ltd.

    Jul 24, 2018

    In Cincinnati,  1628 Ltd has become a brand that stands out in a crowd. Until 2016, the word "coworking" meant something very specific in Cincinnati. To most, it meant buzzy startup-friendly spaces with lots of events and different colored chairs and dogs running around. That, or it meant going to a coffee shop with the potential of spotty wi-fi.

    Enter Tamara Schwarting, a former Procter & Gamble manager. As a consultant, Tamara noticed a lack of local options for mid-to-late career independent professionals who desire attentive service and high-design; much like the coworking spaces she had experienced in bigger cities around the world. With her experience at P&G, and her passion for art and design, it was a gap she knew she could fill.

    She began with a research process to fully understand the needs of her potential users. She determined that her brand must solve fundamental problems for driven, successful, and passionate people lost in a sea of home offices and coffee shops. Before she had a name or a logo or a lease, she set down key insights that would drive every decision from development of the brand identity to the design and layout of the space to the type of paper available for note-taking in conference rooms.

    "Everything flows from the brand," says Schwarting. "We are not just providing space or desks, we're offering our members an experience so seamless that they're not even aware of the level of detail, they just feel this sense of comfort and security so they can focus on what's most important to them." 

    The name, 1628 was chosen to invite a sense of history and place as well as intrigue1628coworking1 and elegance. The 6000 square feet space spreads across two floors in the historic Doctor's Building, 11 Garfield Place, across the street from Piatt Park. The building also houses LPK, a global brand and innovation consultancy. The first floor of 1628 features contemporary clear chairs around sturdy wooden tables, multiple soft-seating areas, a large conference room and two smaller rooms for meetings and calls. The interior design, by local firm, HighStreet, is solidly contemporary with classic accents, such as the high-backed navy velvet chairs seated in the waiting area. Sheer curtains separate the three large work tables in the first floor to give teams a sense of privacy and separation without feeling cramped.

    The second floor features open seating and three smaller conference rooms with jet black tables and soft purple chairs. The windows look out towards the historic skyscrapers for which downtown Cincinnati is known. The upstairs invites collaboration and conversation with its dedicated whiteboard wall and more relaxed ambiance.  

    The art on the walls is a rotating collection curated by partnerships with local art collectors, galleries and institutions. Each time they hang a new exhibition, 1628 hosts an opening for members and artists. "I believe the art on our walls should inspire and challenge. Art creates an environment in which people want to do their best work and be their best selves. It’s very important to 1628 to continue to bring in new artists that will push our perspectives and spark creativity," says Schwarting. The 1628 team is constantly observing and collecting data to determine how to better serve the membership. There are simple lunch ordering systems built into iPads around the space, products for sprucing up before a meeting, and wine and beer for winding down after a long day. But that just scratches the surface. Every object serves a purpose: to satisfy a need or to awaken desire.

    People are noticing. Schwarting consistently receives feedback from members and guests expressing surprise that a space like hers exists in this corner of the Midwest. Companies like Schwarting’s represent the Midwest of the 21st century and are bringing design aesthetic and services that were historically seen only on the coasts. In addition to office space, 1628 hosts a variety of private events and meetings for companies based in Cincinnati or companies looking to grow a presence in the region.  More information about 1628 can be found at

    Key Project Partners:  Branding - BS LLC, Legal - Graydon, Architect – TDA, Interior Design - High Street,  Real Estate - Cushman Wakefield, Construction - HuDawn, Photography - Annette Navarro  



  • Changing Times, Changing Lives

    Jun 04, 2018

    ywca face header
    The YWCA Greater Cincinnati celebrates its 150th anniversary serving the Greater Cincinnati community on June 6. The agency’s mission of “eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all” continues to be as relevant as ever.

      ywca 150
    Join the Celebration!

    The YWCA invites the community to join them on Fountain Square on Friday, June 8, from 11 a.m. -1 p.m. to celebrate this monumental milestone and learn more about their work.   

    The first YWCA was located on Longworth Street and the cost to stay there was $3.50 per week. After several moves necessitated by expansion, the YWCA settled into its current location at 898 Walnut Street in a 13 story building, built for the agency in just one year, that opened in 1929. In the early ‘70’s they stopped offering housing to women due to lack of need.

    Each year they serve more than 34,000 women, men and their families, through programs and services focused in three key areas:

    • Empowerment & Economic Advancement
    • Health & Safety
    • Racial Justice & Inclusion

    Often these clients are the most vulnerable in our community. During these 150 years the YWCA Greater Cincinnati has been instrumental in leading the way for systemic positive change in our community. Just some of the “firsts” that came from our own YWCA:

    • 1876 1st Employment Bureau exclusively for women
    • 1900 1st Typing Classes for women
    • 1915 1st Women’s Basketball Team
    • 1917 1st Automobile Mechanics Class for Women
    • 1920 Adopted national platform on wages and work week
    • 1930 YWCA women supported anti-lynching legislation
    • 1946 1st Interracial Charter
    • 1950 1st Integrated Cafeteria in the city
    • 1975 Led the way in establishing MLK birthday as a state holiday
    • 1976 Raised the issue of Domestic Violence
    • 1978 1st Domestic Violence Shelter
    • 2001 Sponsored the Three Minutes of Silence following the city’s unrest

    Protecting women and children, fighting against gender and racial injustice, standing against hateful acts are just a few of the ways the YWCA makes a difference. Since its founding in 1868, the YWCA has been a keystone for positive change in the lives of hundreds of thousands of women, men and their families. Consistently identifying the needs of women, the YWCA then meets them head on. YWCA programs and services empower individuals to enhance their lives-whether it is escaping from abuse, learning to read or training for a job.  

    Learn more about the YWCA at

  • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

    Mar 14, 2018
    freedom center blink dionBrown

    Dion Brown wasted no time starting his new position as president here at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (NURFC) on Monday, February 26. He was already aware we’d have a lot of time getting to know one another as we in the marketing department were planning his media tour about a month before his arrival.

    Right before his first interview as a Freedom Center representative with one of the local magazines, he mentioned to me that he had completed his last day at the National Blues Museum in St. Louis (which he helped start), just the Friday before and got on plane to come here to the Queen City on the following Sunday. I was amazed how eager he was to speak with each journalist after all the traveling he did in such a short amount of time. He showed no signs of being tired or overwhelmed.

    “I want to let everyone know, I am here to stay,” he mentions in every interview. Brown wants to bring a sense of stability to the institution and emphasizes that he wants to learn from each of us on staff. “I’m not going anywhere until they run me off,” he jokes. Even after the interview, he says “I’m serious Will. I’m really an advocate on what this place is about.”

    I’m learning just how humble Brown is as he’s asked around on what churches to visit, to where some of the best restaurants to eat are, to even referring to me as “sir” while having twenty years seniority on me. As he begins going around each day to observe the museum’s exhibits in his few moments of down time, he often stops at the windows of the third floor terrace where our eternal flame is located. “Seeing the eternal flame outside moved me. It made me reflect”, he says also adding it was one of the contributing factors of him taking the job offer.

    Strategic planning for the museum’s upcoming years is top priority for Brown. He told me that one of things he wants to do is have the museum be more inviting to local residents. “Although this is a nationally accredited institution, this is also Cincinnati’s museum. It’s in your backyard and people need to take advantage of it”, he states.

    We are looking forward to working with our new president as we continue to push our mission in the ongoing fight for freedom. Just as much as we’re excited to have Brown on board, we hope the city will also embrace him with open arms. We encourage you to visit to stay updated on what’s happening with him as well as upcoming programs and exhibits. Let’s all welcome Dion Brown, to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and especially Cincinnati.

    - Will Jones 
    Public Relations & Social Media Coordinator
    National Underground Railroad Freedom Center 

    About the Museum
    The museum is located just a few steps from the banks of the Ohio River, the great natural barrier that separated the slave states of the South from the free states of the North. Since opening in 2004, the museum has filled a substantial void in our nation’s cultural heritage. Rooted in the stories of the Underground Railroad, it illuminates the true meaning of inclusive freedom by presenting permanent and special exhibits that inspire, public programming that provokes dialogue and action, and educational resources that equip modern abolitionists.

    The NURFC has a mission to reveal stories of freedom’s heroes, from the era of the Underground Railroad to contemporary times, challenging and inspiring everyone to take courageous steps of freedom today. 

  • What Makes Downtown Successful?

    Feb 14, 2018
    Cincinnatus Reflectus - Jason Haley bridge
    Downtown is the place where we celebrate special times in our lives -- weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays. Downtown is where we see amazing art exhibits, listen to talented musicians, and experience great performances. Downtown is where we cheer on the home team.

    Remember the last time you were downtown? Did you see men and women in bright orange polo shirts or bright blue jackets sweeping up litter, cleaning up graffiti, and offering directions?

    That’s Downtown Cincinnati Incorporated (DCI) in action!

    All About DCI

    With a mission to build a dynamic metropolitan center valued as the heart of the region, DCI oversees the successful Ambassador program. Every day, these men and women  make sure downtown is safe, clean, and welcoming to all. We manage the Downtown Cincinnati Gift Card, publish an annual State of Downtown report, coordinate the pop shops, and host events during the holiday season.

    "DCI membership connects you to a committed group of businesses and people who know how important a strong downtown is to Cincinnati," says Sam Bortz, the chair of DCI's membership commitee. "Whether you work in marketing, advertising, or construction DCI’s working groups are a great way to connect with like-minded people in the region."

    DCI provides leadership and advocacy for important issues that ensure long-term downtown vitality. DCI delivers its mission by providing services in three areas:

    • Maintaining and enhancing a safe, clean and welcoming environment downtown
    • Maintaining and enhancing the image, awareness and usage of downtown as a vibrant hub of activity through strategic marketing and communications
    • Advocating for and supporting business, retail and residential growth downtown through stakeholder services programs 

    Become a Member of DCI 

    With your support, DCI can continue to make downtown and our region a place where people want to work, play, and live. The contributions we receive from corporate and individual memberships help keep our streets clean and safe, promote local businesses, and ensure downtown’s continuing momentum.

    By becoming a member of DCI, you will join a strong and dedicated network of individuals and organizations supporting our mission to build a dynamic metropolitan center valued as the heart of our region.

    Please support our efforts. Join as a supporting member of DCI today!


  • Visconti Realty

    Nov 15, 2017


    Visconti Real Estate LLC serves corporations and relocation management companies throughout the world and artfully balances managing relocation policy with the actual needs of the transferee. Many of our clients have turned to us time and time again to help them in each exciting change of life.

    "Downtown Cincinnati Inc. has been a fantastic partner for our business,".says Shannon Visconti, co-founder. "As downtown becomes more vibrant and exciting every day, DCI keeps us, and our clients, up-to-date on all the great changes. One of the exciting parts of our company is that we work with many companies who are relocating employees to our city, and DCI has been an integral part in helping us introduce them to Cincinnati and what the city has to offer."  

    Founded in 1999 as Corporate Rental Company by Shannon and Gary Visconti, the company rebranded in March, 2016 to reflect our expanded services. Our sole focus as a real estate boutique has given us a high level of service delivery that has proven to be invaluable to their clients. We attribute this primary focus, combined with a core competency and service execution, for the increased number of people they are serving. In today’s challenging real estate market conditions, from entry level to VIPs, Visconti Real Estate, LLC expertise creates success and peace of mind for those who have real estate needs and goals.

    "In 2018 we will celebrate 19 years in business," says Visconti. "We have helped Cincinnati’s Fortune 500 companies  relocate thousands of employees to  Cincinnati and assisted them in buying and leasing their perfect home or condo when they arrive. We love Cincinnati!"

    Moving should be an adventure, not a chore.As a full service agency, we have the resources and experience to navigate your family through a stress-free, comfortable transition. Whether you are moving from a few states away, or from half-way around the world, we empower our team to get to know your individual needs and deliver the best possible customer experience. Let us guide you through your relocation, and help you to love Cincinnati as much as we do.

    Finding a Home

    At Visconti Real Estate, we pride ourselves on our settling-in support, helping make your transition to Cincinnati quick and comfortable. Settling-in services include: familiarization tours, airport “meet and greet”, connection of utilities, information about schools and health care, opening bank accounts, obtaining credit cards, arranging insurance, local community information, and networking groups. We specialize in international transferees, and will tailor a program specific to your family’s unique needs.

    Cincinnati is a vibrant city with a perfect blend of rich culture, history, and hometown charm. Cincinnati’s strong job market, excellent schools, and a thriving downtown that attract today’s families. Residents benefit from a wealth of big-city amenities, including museums, performing arts, professional sports teams and award-winning restaurants. Families enjoy the Cincinnati Museum Center and Smale Riverfront Park, while the city’s many breweries, like Christian Moerlein and Rhinegeist are a nod to Cincinnati’s German heritage. Arts and entertainment venues include parks with free concerts, the symphony, ballet, and opera at historic Music Hall, Broadway performances at Cincinnati’s Arnoff Center, and live outdoor performances at Washington Park.

    Our professionals are experts at navigating the local real estate market, and are dedicated to providing you with outstanding service, personal attention, and impressive results. With 18 years in the Cincinnati real estate industry, Visconti Real Estate has long-standing relationships with hundreds of companies, and has access to the area’s most comprehensive rental and sales database. We are an Ohio licensed real estate agency, a member of the European American Chamber, the Greater Cincinnati Relocation Council, Downtown Cincinnati Inc., and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

    For almost two decades, we have been dedicated to helping families and professionals from all over the globe find the perfect home in the city of Cincinnati. Let Visconti Realty use our resources, experience, and skills, to take care of your real estate needs so you can focus on what matters most.

  • Gallery 708

    Sep 06, 2017

    Gallery 708 features curated artisan work by 30 talented Cincinnati artists. From large paintings and sculptures to small, exquisite pieces of jewelry, ceramics, fine carved porcelain, blown and fused glass bowls and platters, textile art, scarves, finely crafted clothing, intricate mosaic work, handmade furniture, and much more. Jointly owned and operated by member artists, you will meet them in-person and sometimes see them working when you visit. 

    708 Dec 16 gallery with people

    The gallery is located at 708 Walnut Street, just down the street from the Aronoff Center for the Arts and next to Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. Cincinnati Bell Connector Station 17 is just across the street, so stop by on your way between Over-the-Rhine and Fountain Square, two of the hottest sptos on the Cincinnati Bell Connector route.

    Open for only nine months, the downtown community has welcomed us with open arms, attending monthly art receptions and happy hour events for cocktails and catered bites. Gallery 708 is also available for private rental events, having hosted a variety of events including Constella Festival concerts, private affairs, artist demonstrations, and open house receptions featuring member artists.    

    Be sure to hop off the streetcar and see what’s new. Each month the gallery holds events open to the public . In October you can join us for “Cincinnati has heART” on Thursday, the Oct. 12, from 5 to 9 pm featuring Cincinnati-themed art in conjunction with BLINK, the new light festival. In addition to the scheduled events, we also have pop-up Champagne Saturdays and artist demonstrations. Stop by often and to be surprised!

    Visit any time and view the art, or stop by on the way to a show at the Aronoff, 708 basket gallerydinner at one of the many amazing restaurants nearby, or a visit to the Main Library. The gallery is a great addition to an "art walk" along Walnut Street starting with the Contemporary Arts Center, followed by the 21c Museum Hotel galleries, the Weston Art Gallery in the Aronoff Center for the Arts, Gallery 708, and the YWCA Women’s Art Gallery, which features prominent local women artists.

    There is ample parking around the gallery including metered parking across the street, a surface parking lot next to our building and parking garage around the corner on Seventh Street.

    For more about Gallery 708, visit their website, and Facebook to see what is happening daily.  Sign up for our newsletters for event reminders. Call us at (513) 551-8171.  We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and by appointment.

    We look forward to meeting you, 

    - The artists at Gallery 708

  • Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

    Aug 30, 2017

    8 Reasons the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Can’t Wait for October

    1. Music Hall’s Grand Opening. The renovated Music Hall will strike a beautiful balance between the historical character you love and the modern amenities audiences have been asking for. We cannot wait to show off the architectural details that have been uncovered, the clever reclaimed spaces throughout the hall, the more evenly distributed acoustics in Springer Auditorium, and so much more. [OCT 6-7]
    2. Our first look at Corbett Tower. The Society for the Preservation of Music Hall (SPMH) has overseen every aspect of Corbett Tower’s extensive restoration, including removing the drop ceiling to reveal 14 feet of additional ceiling height. Corbett’s coved windows have been restored, historic stenciling has been discovered and replicated, and the entire space has been freshened up and made new. You will hardly recognize this jaw-dropping space.
    3. Unveiling new spaces. The architects overseeing the renovation have made clever use of under-utilized spaces in Music Hall, including empty carriageways that haven’t seen a horse in decades. While Springer Auditorium will look and feel familiar, spaces such as a brand new rehearsal room (Wilks Studio) and audience lounge (P&G Founders Room) will be exciting new experiences, adding additional function and character to our beloved hall.
    4. Music Hall’s Community Open House, presented by ArtsWave. On Saturday, October 7 from 10 am-3 pm, Music Hall will be flooded with energy, art, music—and our neighbors! Made possible by ArtsWave, this free event is one of your first chances to explore the renovated Music Hall. The CSO, Pops, May Festival, Ballet and Opera will be scheduling performances throughout the day to make the Community Open House an unforgettable event. Look for more information in the coming weeks!
    5. CSO Opening Weekend. The CSO artistic team has designed a concert of music meant to explore the rich acoustics of Music Hall. From the very first notes of John Adam’s Short Ride in a Fast Machine to the final moment of Scriabin’s Poem of Ecstasy, audiences will experience the full sonic splendor of the renovated hall. [OCT 6-7]
    6. Pops Opening Weekend. Did you know that legendary composer John Williams himself has provided a never-before-performed piece of music for this event? And that is on top of some of the most-requested music in the Pops arsenal, including selections from Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and—wait for it—Star Wars. [OCT 13-15]
    7. The first Friday Orange in Music Hall. Friday Orange is a new series of Friday concerts—with a twist. Past surprises have included custom cocktails, art installations, dancers and more. You never know what you’re going to get! The first Friday Orange in Music Hall coincides with the CSO’s collaboration with the Cincinnati Opera for Debussy’s Pelléas et Mélisande. [OCT 20-21]
    8. The Storm that Built Music Hall. Technically this is in November, but we include it here because it is part of the first several weeks of concerts in the newly renovated Music Hall, and this concert program has a very special story behind it. Reuben Springer was inspired to fundraise for the building of Music Hall by a thunderstorm—a tempest that pounded the tin roof of the temporary Saengerhalle and drowned out the voices of the May Festival Chorus. The CSO’s concerts the first week of November feature the Chorus, and the program celebrates the music performed during the May Festival’s stormy 1875 season including Bach’s Magnificat and Brahms’ Triumphlied, a celebratory reflection on the Orchestra’s and the city’s German roots. [NOV 4-5]

  • Cadre Information Security

    Aug 15, 2017

    CAD_Logo-REVVery few people were talking about network security when Cadre was formed back in late 1991. By most accounts, the first firewall was invented a year later, circa 1992, to the credit of multiple inventors. In the world of security technology, over two decades of experience makes Cadre a true pioneer in the business. Cadre was formed from a team of software developers that began to branch out into data security very quickly. In delving deeper, they recognized the risk potential for companies, a threat that many organizations had yet to understand entirely. Their early discussions began by explaining what a firewall does and more often backtracked to how a network functions behind the desktop. Inspired by the opportunity to stand at the  forefront of a breakthrough in the technology industry, Cadre entered the security arena in 1996. 

    Today, Cadre is a solidly run organization, with 54% growth in net worth per annum since the appointment of the current CEO & Chairman, Sandra Laney, in 2001. It also became employee-owned at that time, a foundation for the model of management that has allowed the organization to grow faster and build its customer base than conventionally run competitors. 

    In 2012, Cadre became certified as a woman business enterprise (WBE). Cadre boasts an impressive collection of information security providers, technical support solutions, and services. Cadre's wide array of professional services includes Support, Consulting/Installations,  Assessments and Training. Cadre's Support Services group provides Level 1-3 technical support for Check Point, Juniper and Pulse Secure products. The Consulting Services group provides excellent installation and upgrade services and the Assessment services group stands ready to assist with compliance and security architecture challenges. Cadre is an Authorized Training Partner for Check Point and offers training courses in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. 

    Net net, we believed in security before it became headline news and everything we do is geared toward serving that belief; the security guidance we offer, the technical expertise we provide, and our commitment to best of breed technology. As security evolves, so too will Cadre, navigating the landscape to serve as our client's trusted advisors for decades to come. 

    For more information, visit

  • The Barre Code

    Jul 12, 2017

    The Barre Code - Header RS

    Like so many little girls, Michelle Ziegler grew up taking dance lessons – ballet, jazz, and tap – and dreamed of dancing as a career. Unlike most of those girls, however, she got to live out her dream as an adult by opening The Barre Code, a boutique fitness studio that uses dance-based movements and focuses on fitness for clients of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

    A Chicago native, Michelle graduated from college with a degree in engineering and worked for the first few years of her career in logistics. She soon moved to a marketing role with dunnhumby, which brought her to the Queen City. But after nearly a decade in the business world, she decided to take a leap into her true passions: fitness and owning her own business.

    The Barre Code - Owner RS

    Michelle and her husband, a Cincinnati native, knew they wanted to be a part of the renaissance taking place in downtown. After nearly a year of planning and scouting the right location, The Barre Code opened its doors April 2017 in the central business district and holds classes early mornings, at lunchtime and in the early evenings. Classes are also available on the weekends.

    “It was always in the back of my head that I wanted to do something in my life that would help inspire others to feel good about themselves,” Michelle says. “And I love being a part of the revitalization of downtown.”

    The Barre Code is located at 615 Main St., just off the Richter and Phillips streetcar stop. It’s not your typical barre studio, though. Michelle and her team of instructors offer three class formats, each custom-designed to push your body to its peak performance. Try TBC, a bootcamp-style workout. The Barre Code class is a strengthening, full-body experience, and HIITRestore couples cardio intervals with active, restorative stretching for maximum effectiveness.

    Visit The Barre Code and join a group of empowered, active members who push each other to be their best, both physically and mentally. New client discounts and monthly memberships are available! Be sure to visit their website and like them on Facebook for the latest news!

  • E. Post Public Relations

    May 30, 2017

    IMG_2709Specializing in media relations and consulting for clients of all sizes, E. Post Public Relations is proud to call downtown Cincinnati home. The firm is located at Seventh and Main along the streetcar route and next door to many new businesses popping up in the Central Business District.

    Because of the boutique approach E. Post Public Relations uses to meet client goals, the company has earned successful media placements in top outlets including NBC News, Forbes, FOX News, USA Today, Robb Report, and Town & Country.

    In addition, the company offers graphic design, copywriting, crisis communications, social media strategy, and media training to clients. Media training can be an especially useful tool for anyone nervous about appearing in front of a camera. Sessions are conducted in a simulated studio with video recording that the client is able to keep for self-critique.

    “PR should not be intimidating. Our goal is to offer accessible, custom solutions to clients looking to build their public image whether through the media, social media, or with a new logo,” said Elizabeth Post, the firm’s principal. “It’s exciting to be a part of the energy of downtown Cincinnati and the new development occurring at every block.”

    For more information visit

    E. Post Public Relations,  652 Main Street, Suite 200.

  • Eagle's Locksmith Moves to New Location

    Apr 19, 2017


    Eagle's Locksmith Moves to New Location in Cincinnati

    Widely popular and one of the most trusted locksmith service in Cincinnati–  Eagle's Locksmith has recently moved to a new location downtown at 414 Walnut Street. "Our entire team is very excited to serve all our beloved customers via our new location in downtown Cincinnati," the spokesperson for Eagle's Locksmith said.

    Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati is highly recommended for its top-notch expert residential locksmith, commercial locksmith service. Eagle’s Locksmith offers locksmith services at affordable rates that are available 24 hours a day. The team of Eagle’s Locksmith is highly trained and experienced. Therefore, no task is too big or too complicated for Eagle’s Locksmith’s team. The expert locksmiths of Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati have successfully handled several highly complicated tasks, so one can trust the team of Eagle’s Locksmith with eyes closed.

    "We believe in providing you the best locksmith service, we do not compromise on the quality of our service. So, you can trust us at the time of emergency and also for installing your residential or commercial property’s lock system. We know how to secure your house fully, and we know how to handle any lock emergency. So, next time if you are willing to install a lock system or you have a lock emergency. Do not panic! Call us and we will be at your service within no time”, stated the spokesperson of Eagle’s Locksmith.

    The best thing is that the expert team of Eagle’s Locksmith specializes in a variety of services, and offers several emergency services like lockout service, lock re-keying, cutting and duplication of keys, installation and repair of lock systems, unlocking and repairing of commercial locks, and lock installation, lock-out and more.

    What gives Eagle’s Locksmith an edge over other locksmiths in Cincinnati, OH – is that Eagle’s Locksmith’s expert team is always fully equipped and trained with advanced tools and equipment that are required for a top-notch quality, expert job. The  service van of Eagle’s Locksmith is always ready for any emergency call, so as soon as the experts of Eagle’s Locksmith receive an emergency call from their client/clients’ they immediately leave to rescue, and usually, the expert team of Eagle’s Locksmith arrives within 20 mins. Now with our new office, you can easily find your local locksmith in downtown Cincinnati and more people will be able to avail Eagle’s Locksmith’s top-notch services.

    About Eagle’s Locksmith Cincinnati

    Eagle’s Locksmith is a widely recommended and trusted Locksmith Services provider. The team of Eagle’s Locksmith is highly experienced and widely skilled; they can handle any scale commercial and residential project. Eagle’s Locksmith also provides expert, emergency locksmith services.

    For more information about Eagle’s Locksmith’s expert services, please go to

    New Address by appointment: 414 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Phone: (513) 202 4240

  • Envision Children

    Mar 29, 2017

    Prime Cincinnati hosts the 12th Annual Lighting the Way Scholarship Fundraiser for Envision Children from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 9. Proceeds from the event will provide scholarships for over 300 economically disadvantaged students this summer who will attend Envision Children’s Academic Summer Enrichment Program, an eight-week interactive, educational camp designed to improve academic performance in the classroom.  

    FINAL LOGO small
    Reservations for the event can be made at Individual tickets are $65.  Individuals and businesses not able to attend the event can also make a charitable donation at the site.  To learn more about Envision Children please visit—
    Questions about the event can be directed to Matthew Hughes at 513-772-5437 or 

    Lighting the Way features food prepared by Prime Cincinnati chef Shawn Heine, music by Like Minds, and a variety of fun activities to raise funds for this worthy cause.

    “During the past year Envision Children has helped over 650 students improve their grades from D's F's to A's and B's, says DCI Board Member and Prime Cincinnati Managing Partner Nelson Castillo.

    “Envision Children has a mission of providing under-served students with supplemental educational instruction in science, technology, engineering, math, reading and critical thinking that will allow them to excel academically," says Castillo. "We hope this event will raise over $45,000 in scholarships for the program."

    The 2017 event has another DCI connection, as DCI President and CEO David Ginsburg is being recognized as the event’s Guest of Honor. Ginsburg will make remarks about the importance of a vibrant downtown and how its success helps assure a successful educational system for the region.

    Another highlight of Lighting the Way will be the $10,000 challenge hosted by Cincinnati Bengal’s linebacker and Envision Children board member Vinny Rey. Rey will serve as the MC for the challenge and has some special auction items up for bid including an Ultimate Bengals Weekend Package.

    Journey Steel has graciously underwritten the costs of Lighting the Way allowing 100% all money raised to go toward the scholarships. This is the second year Journey Steel has sponsored the event. Organizers are also grateful to Copper Creek Homes, Prime Cincinnati, the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio, Patrice & Associates and The Nesbitt Family for providing support of the event.

  • CVG Airport

    Mar 21, 2017


    CVG Airport: An Asset for Downtown Cincinnati

    The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) is reinventing itself much like how Downtown Cincinnati is going through its own renaissance and has become a vibrant city of activity.

    At CVG, we celebrate the successes of Downtown Cincinnati and work to support it and the entire region each and every day.

    In 2016, we launched a new five-year strategic plan which includes strategies to strengthen our business, because we know a vibrant airport makes for a stronger region and a stronger Downtown. As the front door to our community, we know that expanding air service supports economic development, grows our tourism industry and improves the quality of life of our residents. By diversifying our air carrier base with low-cost and legacy carriers, we’re adding new routes, and airlines (Southwest begins service June 4, 2017) and seeing airfares go down. This helps connect businesses to the places they need to be and will bring visitors to the region to experience what we have to offer.

    cvg_muralWe also know that acting as a socially responsible neighbor and fostering relationships with local governments, business and community leaders is key to building a region of collaboration and teamwork. We get involved and engage in the community much like our partnership with the Cincinnati Museum Center – Curate My Community initiative.

    We contribute a great deal to the economy through airport construction, jobs and daily operations. The latest results of our economic impact study indicate CVG has a $4.4 billion annual impact on the local economy, affecting local families, businesses and governments.

    And, finally, we know that delivering a safe, clean, and welcoming environment helps us to deliver on our vision to make travel through CVG and the Greater Cincinnati region an unforgettably positive experience for local travelers and visitors.

    These are a just a few of the strategies we’re working towards in the short term. At the same time, we’re working towards our Master Plan that guides our long-term development intended to protect and grow the airport as an economic development asset for the overall region.

    We take our role as the hometown airport very seriously and our more than 400 CVG employees are working hard to become the airport of choice to work for, fly from and do business with. We’re proud of our reinvention and the work we’re doing to foster a culture of teamwork, innovation and continuous improvement. We’re also proud of Downtown Cincinnati and what it’s become. We will continue to be ambassadors promoting all the things happening in the city core. Because together, we make the region a world-class place to live, to work and to visit.

  • Gallery 708

    Mar 06, 2017

    Take 3,700 square feet, add 30 artists, total: 1 gallery.

    That is, Gallery 708, the first art gallery to open in Cincinnati's core business district in close to a decade.

    The artist-owned and operated gallery was co-created by artists Lisa Inglert, Phyllis Sadler, and Sara Pearce as a showcase for a wide range of fine art and fine craft by the area's many talented artists and artisans. 

    Sculpture. Glass. Ceramics. Painting. Printing. Fiber art. Wood working. Jewelry making. Even calligraphy, mosaics, and handmade-books all can be seen in the gallery. Many of our artists are well-known locally, while some are emerging artists who have not shown in a gallery until now.    

    In Performance

    Gallery 708 will host two concerts that are part of the Constella Festival.

    From Russia With Love
    March 23, 8 p.m.
    Once again, tensions with Russia are on the rise. Constella founder violinist Tatiana Berman and filmmaker David Donnelly create a hybrid experience that explores this rocky relationship in five chapters. Five short artistic vignettes featuring found footage, news clips, and visual effects are interlaced with short musical pieces.

    Constella Finale!
    Duo Scofano / Minetti with Special Guests Tatiana Berman and Jeff Greene
    March 25, 8 p.m.
    Duo Scofano/Minetti will be performing with special guests Tatiana Berman and Jeff Greene. This performance will feature exceptional music. A Milonga will follow the performance, with food from Mazunte, wine from Robert Mondavi, and select beers from Rhinegeist, and tango!

    Our beautiful, open space is at 708 Walnut Street, next to Jeff Ruby's and across the street from Cincinnati Streetcar stop 17. We chose this location because it is in the heart of downtown's gallery district. Within a block of us are the Weston Art Gallery in the Aronoff Center, 21C Hotel and Museum, the Contemporary Arts Center, the YWCA of Cincinnati's Women's Art Gallery and the Main Library (which regularly hosts art exhibits). And just a few blocks away: Cincinnati Arts Gallery and the Taft Museum of Art. 

    There is even an Artworks mural of Cincinnati artist Elizabeth Nourse right around the corner from the gallery at 8th and Walnut Streets.

    What better place to be?

    We are open 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, and upon appointment. Special events can be arranged at the gallery (we are the site for the final concert of this year's Constella Festival on March 25.) Find out more about the gallery by stopping by or by calling 513-551-8171, visiting and liking our Facebook page ( or going to our web site (

  • 1628 Ltd.

    Feb 20, 2017


    When you become accustomed to the efficiency of a corporate office or the elegance of a design studio, it can be difficult to make the jump into independent consulting. Often, independent professionals are at the whim and mercy of spotty coffee-shop wifi or else they are relegated to the isolation of the home office. 

    1628 Ltd. is Cincinnati’s first curated coworking experience. Located at 11 Garfield Place, in the heart of Cincinnati’s central business district, 1628 is the guardian of your daily routine and the protector of your efficiency. For local leaders of industry, independent consulting professionals and business travelers alike, this undertaking sets the stage for the next chapter in Queen City commerce by offering a unique experience for those seeking executive level amenities in a shared work environment.

    1628_GalleryTamara Schwarting, 1628’s founder, has built a reputation in Cincinnati’s professional and nonprofit communities as a forward-thinking strategic partner. In 2015, Schwarting began TLS Consulting Group after 15 years at Procter & Gamble. 1628 represents Schwarting’s intuitive response to the needs of seasoned professionals like herself who desire an inspiring setting to conduct business.

    "As a longtime downtown Cincinnati resident, locating my business in the CBD was a natural choice, said Schwarting. "I am passionate about having a thriving urban core with a diverse set of businesses. Being able to walk to work gives me a level of connectedness to community that allows me keep a pulse on everyday happenings. Becoming a member of DCI was an easy choice as I have experienced first hand the value they bring to Cincinnati in the form of support, advocacy, and creating a welcoming city environment."

    The refined environment of 1628 rests on the benefits inherent to a thoughtfully designed setting reminiscent of a boutique hotel with an array of services and amenities including access to secure fioptic network, video and teleconference-enabled meeting spaces, on-site concierge services, and access to a preferred partner network while in close proximity to Cincinnati’s major corporations.

    Flexible membership options exist from full-time, part-time and infrequent. Interested individuals may discover more details and submit membership inquiries at

  • Bromwell's

    Jan 10, 2017

    bromwells1Even though the holidays are over, there’s still a lot of winter left to go. In fact, now that the guests are gone, and the hustle has ebbed, you can really sit down, relax with a cup of coffee, and enjoy your home. 

    Bromwell's, right here in Downtown Cincinnati has been helping clients create that wonderful retreat of home for almost 200 years. While primarily known now as a fireplace showroom, Bromwells has expanded to include so much more.

    We offer unique lighting, home decor and exclusive furniture collections to make your winter escape beautiful and comfortable. One of our best winter offerings are our decorative throws. Soft and snugly, they are perfect for covering up while you nap by the fire.

    And, oh, the options for the fire! Bromwells has you covered with fireplaces of all types. While we are certainly busy now with a lot of new fireplace installations, and it might take a little bit longer for us to work you in, there is still time to crete the fireplace of your dreams. (We hate to be the ones to remind you, but snow and ice can last well into March around here - yuck!)

    For whatever your winter home needs, we invite you to visit us on 4th street downtown. We are pleased to have been a downtown “resident” for our entire history. We are just amazed at the sense of energy and growth right now (some of it right across the street from us!) We believe that a strong downtown is one of the keys to the success of the entire region. We are pleased to be a member of DCI, who we feel has helped us grow and promote the wonderful city we call home.

    Bromwell's is located at 117 W. Fourth St. For more information visit

  • Algin Furniture

    Nov 02, 2016

    Algin Furniture has called Main Street home for over 50 years.

    Once known as Elgin Office, the evolution from typewriters to furnishings became a reality as downtown became the place to live, work and play.

    In addition to  our current inventory and custom orders from manufacturers, many of which are proudly American made, Algin Retro offers custom designed furnishings. Shopping at Algin is an experience one has to have to understand. And browsers are encouraged!  We know you will be back when you need us. Some of our best referrals have been from customers visiting from out of town, who tell their local friends. It is hard to believe there are still people who have not been to Algin.  "Welcoming" is the second word you will think of after the first two words…"Amazing furniture"!

    Algin has been a mainstay in downtown Cincinnati and we are excited to partner with DCI. Downtown businesses are proudly working together to create an experience that promotes working downtown and staying to relax. Downtown Cincinnati is opening its arms to local businesses and the domino affect follows…local businesses open their arms to customers, so they know they are indeed home.

    Many things to downtown

    Algin offers design services to assist residents and offices  with the extra set of eyes to fine-tune their living or work space.  Free delivery downtown makes buying furniture a pleasant and exciting experience.

    Purchasing pieces for your home, office, or restaurant could not be more personal. Our staff has the experience to guide customers through a variety of price scales. Implementing new and used furnishings into your space gives us an opportunity to make your furniture shopping experience unique. First time city dwellers or empty nesters… Algin doesn’t know a stranger!

    Algin compliments your home or office by creating a welcoming space that you won’t want to leave.

    For more information visit or and their newly launched website,

    Algin Furniture and Office is at 800 and 810 Main Street in downtown Cincinnati. For more information call 513-621-1617 (Algin Retro) or  513-621-1616 (Algin Office).

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