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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Infintech

Jun 18, 2014
Why DCI Matters to Infintech

DCI’s influence and passion reaches beyond Cincinnati’s city limits. In fact, it reaches all the way out to Sharonville where Infintech is one of its ardent members.

Who is Infintech?

Ranked as one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies, Infintech is a leader in the merchant bankcard processing industry. Established in 2005 just outside Cincinnati, Infintech offers merchants smarter payment processing solutions. Today, Infintech serves nearly 6,000 businesses located across 47 states saving clients an average of $1,000 yearly in merchant processing fees. Visit us online to learn more:

DCI Involvement

Infintech is often asked why it’s so actively involved with DCI – especially with its headquarters located outside the central business district. The answer is quite simple really. DCI is integral in providing a safe, clean and prosperous environment for the businesses Infintech services and supports such as lawyers, accountants, retailers, restaurants and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.

Without a healthy downtown business district serving as a foundation, the outlying areas of Cincinnati would be affected in a negative manner. Infintech sees the value in what DCI brings to the collective business neighborhood and how their mission to build a dynamic community is essential for growth.

Infintech doesn’t view it as an obligation, but instead a privilege to serve on the board of DCI and support the stability of our city’s core.


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