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Member Spotlight: Tri-State Plan Administration, Inc. (TPA)

Jul 16, 2014


TPA (Tri-State Plan Administration, Inc.) is an independent third party administrator of employer-sponsored retirement plans.  We specialize in designing and implementing customized retirement plans for small and mid-sized companies to help their employees effectively save for retirement.  Once a plan is implemented, TPA assists the employer with the plan’s day-to-day operations and its compliance with federal regulations.  For over 25 years, TPA’s customized approach has helped hundreds of businesses in the tri-state area and beyond that do not fit the mold for bundled retirement plan products.  Check us out at


From Plum Street to Carew Tower to Garfield Place, TPA has witnessed first-hand the positive effects of Cincinnati’s urban renewal and wants to see this transformation continue.  We have many clients located in the downtown area, and as the downtown community grows, so too do business opportunities for all sorts of companies across the region.  DCI’s mission to maintain a welcoming environment and advocate for residential and business growth is in line with our vision of a strong Cincinnati.  After directly experiencing the benefits of DCI’s friendly Ambassador Program, events around downtown promoting local businesses, and exploring the city using the new ArtVenture routes, it was an easy choice to join.  
TPA’s vision for Cincinnati is a city of companies who feel secure building their business here long-term.  As the economy continues to recover, TPA is seeing a growing trend of small and mid-sized businesses starting to implement retirement plans, or, are increasing their existing benefits in order to attract and retain talent.  This industry shift is an optimistic sign that Cincinnati business owners are becoming more confident in the long-term prosperity of the region’s economy.

Since 1987, TPA has been located in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati.  Each time we outgrow an office, we look no further than a few blocks away.  We have always preferred the urban atmosphere and easy access to all parts of the tri-state area, allowing us to serve our local clients so quickly and efficiently.  Downtown is also a good central location for all of our employees.  While many live in or near downtown, our staff comes from all directions.

TPA loves that downtown is no longer considered to be just for office space.  Life happens here. People are moving in on every block, spending their nights on Fountain Square watching the Reds on the big screen, or in Washington Park at the City Flea, or grabbing lunch at The Banks and biking along Smale Riverfront Park.  Even those living outside of downtown scrambled for a coveted ticket to the second annual LumenoCity event in Over-the-Rhine, a perfect illustration of how revitalizing the urban core can bring together people from all over the city.        

 Team TPA Racing to the Flying Pig 5K "Finish Swine"
Spring 2014
Team TPA at the ZERO Run/Walk for Prostate Cancer
Fall 2013
There are races and other athletic events held here almost every weekend.  TPA has sponsored and raced with LADD’s Team Run Rock & Roll for the Flying Pig 5k for the last 4 years, and, we sponsor for The Urology Group’s ZERO Run/Walk for Prostate Cancer in Norwood every September.  With events like these continuing to draw national and international crowds, Cincinnati is stronger and healthier than ever!  With a strong urban economy, businesses in and around Downtown Cincinnati grow and prosper, attracting more and better talent to the region, improving the standard of living and quality of life for all of us.  TPA has always been proud to call downtown our home and we love that the Queen City is getting the recognition she deserves.

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