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Member Spotlight

1628 Ltd.

Feb 20, 2017


When you become accustomed to the efficiency of a corporate office or the elegance of a design studio, it can be difficult to make the jump into independent consulting. Often, independent professionals are at the whim and mercy of spotty coffee-shop wifi or else they are relegated to the isolation of the home office. 

1628 Ltd. is Cincinnati’s first curated coworking experience. Located at 11 Garfield Place, in the heart of Cincinnati’s central business district, 1628 is the guardian of your daily routine and the protector of your efficiency. For local leaders of industry, independent consulting professionals and business travelers alike, this undertaking sets the stage for the next chapter in Queen City commerce by offering a unique experience for those seeking executive level amenities in a shared work environment.

1628_GalleryTamara Schwarting, 1628’s founder, has built a reputation in Cincinnati’s professional and nonprofit communities as a forward-thinking strategic partner. In 2015, Schwarting began TLS Consulting Group after 15 years at Procter & Gamble. 1628 represents Schwarting’s intuitive response to the needs of seasoned professionals like herself who desire an inspiring setting to conduct business.

"As a longtime downtown Cincinnati resident, locating my business in the CBD was a natural choice, said Schwarting. "I am passionate about having a thriving urban core with a diverse set of businesses. Being able to walk to work gives me a level of connectedness to community that allows me keep a pulse on everyday happenings. Becoming a member of DCI was an easy choice as I have experienced first hand the value they bring to Cincinnati in the form of support, advocacy, and creating a welcoming city environment."

The refined environment of 1628 rests on the benefits inherent to a thoughtfully designed setting reminiscent of a boutique hotel with an array of services and amenities including access to secure fioptic network, video and teleconference-enabled meeting spaces, on-site concierge services, and access to a preferred partner network while in close proximity to Cincinnati’s major corporations.

Flexible membership options exist from full-time, part-time and infrequent. Interested individuals may discover more details and submit membership inquiries at


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