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What Makes Downtown Successful?

Feb 14, 2018
Cincinnatus Reflectus - Jason Haley bridge
Downtown is the place where we celebrate special times in our lives -- weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays. Downtown is where we see amazing art exhibits, listen to talented musicians, and experience great performances. Downtown is where we cheer on the home team.

Remember the last time you were downtown? Did you see men and women in bright orange polo shirts or bright blue jackets sweeping up litter, cleaning up graffiti, and offering directions?

That’s Downtown Cincinnati Incorporated (DCI) in action!

All About DCI

With a mission to build a dynamic metropolitan center valued as the heart of the region, DCI oversees the successful Ambassador program. Every day, these men and women  make sure downtown is safe, clean, and welcoming to all. We manage the Downtown Cincinnati Gift Card, publish an annual State of Downtown report, coordinate the pop shops, and host events during the holiday season.

"DCI membership connects you to a committed group of businesses and people who know how important a strong downtown is to Cincinnati," says Sam Bortz, the chair of DCI's membership commitee. "Whether you work in marketing, advertising, or construction DCI’s working groups are a great way to connect with like-minded people in the region."

DCI provides leadership and advocacy for important issues that ensure long-term downtown vitality. DCI delivers its mission by providing services in three areas:

  • Maintaining and enhancing a safe, clean and welcoming environment downtown
  • Maintaining and enhancing the image, awareness and usage of downtown as a vibrant hub of activity through strategic marketing and communications
  • Advocating for and supporting business, retail and residential growth downtown through stakeholder services programs 

Become a Member of DCI 

With your support, DCI can continue to make downtown and our region a place where people want to work, play, and live. The contributions we receive from corporate and individual memberships help keep our streets clean and safe, promote local businesses, and ensure downtown’s continuing momentum.

By becoming a member of DCI, you will join a strong and dedicated network of individuals and organizations supporting our mission to build a dynamic metropolitan center valued as the heart of our region.

Please support our efforts. Join as a supporting member of DCI today!



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