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Member Spotlight

  • Boxcar PR

    May 18, 2016

    BoxCar Logo

    Boxcar is a boutique public relations and communications agency that began in 2011 in Louisville. The company opened its Cincinnati office in January 2015 in the heart of downtown, and recently added a Lexington location. Boxcar is a boutique firm that specializes in public relations, public issue advocacy, graphic design, branding, crisis communications, and more thus living up to our motto of “[more than pr].”

    Boxcar's goal is to provide clients with a customized communication strategy that is executed by a team that’s willing to do whatever it takes to deliver for our clients. Whether it is a media placement at the top of the hour, a buzz-worthy launch event, or a fresh, modern design for collateral, Boxcar is there to be an advocate for clients and their company.​The firm is “small by design” and works fluidly and quickly to achieve client goals. ​Clients range from 1-2 person firms to Fortune 500 companies, and they have a flexible fee structure that employ monthly retainer or project fees.

    Downtown Cincinnati is a vibrant and ever-changing landscape. We are proud to be situated in the central business district that is experiencing incredible redevelopment. The energy in Cincinnati is palatable and Downtown Cincinnati Inc. is a key player in seeing the downtown area realize its full potential to live, work, and play.

    Check out Boxcar online at or in person at their offices

    652 Main Street
    Cincinnati, OH 45202


  • Divine Services

    May 12, 2016

    Valet Parking is now a Divine Experience

    logoA drop of a pin on a map alerts a valet to meet you to pick up your car anywhere you have designated. Your car will be parked in a safe parking garage. When you are ready for your car to be returned, it will be delivered back to you at any other desired location, or the same location, also at the drop of a pin on the map. The service area currently includes most of downtown and Over-The-Rhine. The convenience, safety, simplicity and professionalism of this service is truly magical. Suddenly, you’re no longer confined to inconvenient and time consuming parking garages. Now can drop your car off with one of Divine’s courteous and experienced employees right at your destination, just as you would with a hotel or restaurant valet service. Go out on the town and get your car back wherever you want with no waiting on lines or fighting the weather!

    Download the Divine Services app from the iTunes store (Android is coming soon).

    The service is excellent for the business crowd as well. If you’re running late for a meeting and don’t have time to find parking, give Divine 15 minutes notice through the app and designate where you need a Divine valet to meet you. You will be greeted elegantly by a professional, neat, and friendly valet. We’ll pick your car up right at your meeting destination. When your meeting is coming to a close, you drop a pin wherever you are and a Divine employee will deliver it to you in minutes. If you’re a regular commuter who needs to drop his or her car off at the office every day, simply set your work address in Divine’s app and you can activate your valet driver with a single click while you’re en route. Your Divine valet will be waiting at your office when you arrive. Discounted monthly contracts are coming soon as well.
    Real-time push notifications and round the clock customer support make this service safe, friendly and reliable. The $10 service fee + $1.00/ per hour parking fee makes this service user-friendly, time-saving and an exceptional value. Valet Parking, now at your fingertips, has never been so easy.
    Watch how it all works​ below. 


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