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Snow Removal Information


from the City of Cincinnati Public Works

Ohio Revised Code 723.011 authorizes the City of Cincinnati to require that property owners remove snow and ice from abutting or adjoining sidewalks in a timely manner.

A property owner is responsible for keeping his or her property safe. If a postal worker, delivery worker or a visitor falls because you didn’t shovel and salt your walkway, you could be responsible for covering that person’s injuries.

Am I liable if I shovel my sidewalk and it freezes again, then someone falls?
The Ohio Supreme Court has affirmed, residents can comply with Municipal Code’s
requirement to shovel their sidewalks without assuming liability to others who may slip and fall.
The only time a resident may become liable is when they permit or create a dangerous accumulation of snow that results in personal injury to another.

Section 723-57 of the Cincinnati Municipal Code requires property owners to remove snow.
Section 723-59 of the Cincinnati Municipal Code requires property owners to remove ice.
ORC 723.011 (Ohio Revised Code) The penalty for violating these sections is a fine of $25.

Please be a Good Neighbor: Do your part in helping our citizens – especially our elderly neighbors and our neighbors with disabilities – navigate through the difficulties of winter.

Many elderly citizens and citizens with disabilities are stranded and unable to access some of the basic services they need.

City of Cincinnati: Snow Plan in the CBD (link to PDF)

Let’s all do our part to create a more livable city, a city that cares for all.



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