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Cincinnatus (1983)

New York artist Richard Haas was born in Spring Green, Wisconsin, home of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The mere presence of such a dynamic personality in his small town had a dramatic and lasting affect on his appreciation of the built environment. Haas has gained an international reputation transforming drab urban walls into architectural fantasies, painting in a style called trompe l'oeil (to deceive the eye). Historically, this technique was used to extend the architectural vista of a limited space, but Haas has used the technique to comment on architectural consciousness. In the mural Haas created here, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (519-439 B.C.), for whom the city was named, appears as a marble statue. The classical setting incorporates the dome of the Pantheon, colossal Renaissance columns and a Baroque staircase. In 2015, the mural was restored by ArtWorks in collaboration with the original artist. Created by Richard Haas in 1983 This painting was commissioned by The Kroger Company to celebrate its centennial.

1088 Central Pwky at Vine St.


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