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exploring DOWNTOWN

The Old College Try

12 p.m. – Tin Roof – Begin your day out with lunch at Tin Roof where you can make your own nachos and unwind at The Banks after a long week.

1 p.m. – Smale Riverfront Park – After lunch, make sure your lunch has settled, and take the short walk from The Banks over to Smale Riverfront Park where starting in the Spring of 2015, you and your friends can ride the all new, Carol Ann’s Carousel or try the big swings that overlook the great Ohio River.

3 p.m. – Holy GrailHead back to The Banks to relax, have a couple drinks and watch the game with some friends on one of Holy Grail’s 31 HD-TVs.

6 p.m. – Fountain Square – Once the game has ended, stroll up to Fountain Square where you can catch a set from a local band most nights during the spring and summer months.

8 p.m. – Stick around Fountain Square for dinner where options include: Chipotle, Currito, Pot Belly and Pi Pizzeria among other eateries. After dinner, get a scoop of ice cream from one of the area’s most treasured institutions, Graeter’s.

10 p.m. – Choose to end your day by meeting up with friends at one of downtown’s favorite late night hot spots. Enjoy the night sky and a drink from the rooftop of Cocktail Terrace at 21c, catch up on all the day’s action in the world of sports at the newly opened Lachey’s Bar in Over-the-Rhine, dance the night away at Jekyll or put on your bowling shoes at downtown’s only bowling alley/bar, Spare Lounge


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