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The Barre Code: Making Fitness Attainable for Two Years

Apr 17, 2019

We mark important milestones with parties and gifts, so The Barre Code Cincinnati is pulling out all the stops for its second anniversary. And just one day of celebrating isn’t enough. For the week of April 22-28, 2019, every one of the 35 offered classes is free.

That’s right. Free.

No matter your skill or fitness level, we have a format that will help you achieve your fitness and personal goals. Take one to get a taste or take them all to engage your entire body and mind!

  • Barre Code. In our cornerstone class, strengthen your muscles as you shake and burn with dynamic, full-range movements and targeted isometrics.

  • Brawl. Engage your mind and your body in this high-intensity rollercoaster ride class that combines punches and kicks into a choreographed sequence set to the beat of the music.

  • Total Body Conditioning. Challenge your whole body with this bootcamp-style class that incorporates strength training and cardio intervals.

The Barre Code team is crucial to its success. In fact, instructor Maria Holmes has been voted as one of the best instructors in the city by ClassPass for two years running. But real success comes down to making each and every client feel at home as they work toward their individual goals.

“There is an undeniable energy when I walk in for class,” longtime member Eileen Zell says. “There are smiles and so much positive energy it is contagious. I guess that is why someone like me, who never believed in group exercise, is now a weekly addict.”

That openness is no accident, either. Michelle Ziegler, the owner, works hard to make sure everyone is part of a larger community.

“I want every person who comes through our door to feel welcomed,” Ziegler says. “Whether you’re a member or not, we’re all on this fitness journey together.”

As a thank-you to the larger Cincinnati community during this celebration, there will be prizes featuring items donated by more than 30 partners from around the city.

So what’s stopping you? After being open for two years, The Barre Code has heard all the reasons why people hesitate to join.

  • “It’s really hard.” Our classes aren’t just about physical fitness – they’re also about becoming a better version of yourself and making positive changes in all aspects of your life.
  • “I’ve never done it before.” You’re exactly where you need to be. Since we’re offering almost a dozen more class slots than a typical week, we’re making space for first-timers who want to give our formats a try. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step. 
  • “I just can’t find the time.” There is no one typical client. Some are women still in college, juggling studies and a social life. Others are working mothers and professionals, and our oldest member is nearly 70 years young. We have a number of membership tiers to help you find the best fit for your busy life.

Located at 6th and Main Streets, The Barre Code is right in the middle of downtown’s revitalization. The next week’s class schedule is available at

For a few more tips helpful to new members – or even for our long-time supporters! – check out The Barre Code’s blog post on this blog from last year at

“It’s not about what about what you have to lose, like a few inches from your waistline or another five pounds,” Ziegler says. “We always focus on what you have to gain, like strength, confidence, and a community of like-minded people.”  

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