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Are you up for a challenge? Try The Escape Game at The Banks

Jun 17, 2019
Located in The Banks, The Escape Game Cincinnati is the perfect activity for any group. From people who are new to the world of escape rooms to expert escape artists, from locals to tourists, and from a night out with friends to a corporate team building activity, The Escape Game is epic for everyone. Everyone has a chance to be the hero and save the day.

If you’ve never done an escape room before, The Escape Game is a great place to start. Their 60-minute adventures are incredibly immersive, with sets and stories that make you feel like you’re really trying to steal back a painting in an art heist or break out of 1950s-style prison. 

The Escape Game is conveniently located in between Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ball Park, so playing an escape room can be a great way to start a big game day! You can bring your group of fans and make The Escape Game part of your tailgating tradition, or play to celebrate a big victory or get over a defeat. You might not escape, but you will definitely have fun!

If you have friends or family visiting Cincinnati, you can add The Escape Game to your list of places to take your guests. They have four distinctive game options to choose from, so you can definitely find an adventure that everyone will love. Escape games are great bonding experiences that you and your guests can enjoy together, and it will keep you talking about the fun you had for days afterward.


Date night or a night out with friends is another excellent time to go to The Escape Game. With games ranging in theme and difficulty, you can choose the type of challenge you want to tackle with your date or friends. This epic adventure will be a whole lot of fun, and you will also learn about each other along the way!

The Escape Game is also a great team building activity. Each team member can use their strengths to help push their team through the game, from those who are great at leading and communicating to those who are puzzle masters and problem solvers. You can learn a lot about how you work together as a team and identify your strengths and weaknesses when you put your skills to the test in an escape room.


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