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Introducing the Queen City Card

Keep Spending Local With the Queen City Card

DCI is rolling out the new Queen City Card to make it simple for customers to keep local dollars with local businesses. This new Community eGift Card program, managed by Yiftee, is all digital and easy to use. It replaces the current Downtown Cincinnati Gift Card that has been in use since 2007.  

The Queen City Card isn’t just a gift card. When you purchase the Queen City Card for a friend, family member or colleague, you’re giving them the means to experience the best shopping, dining and entertainment in Downtown Cincinnati. 

This new gift card program, which delivers gift cards via email or text message, offers several benefits to customers:

  • There are no monthly inactivity fees. Under the previous Downtown Cincinnati Gift Card program, money was deducted from cards after a 12-month period of inactivity. With the Queen City Card, there are no inactivity fees, so customers will never lose any value on their cards.
  • The Queen City Card vendor, Yiftee, sends monthly reminders via email and/or text message to help customers remember they have the gift card available for use
  • The balance of a Queen City Card is listed directly on the card, and is updated as the card balance is depleted.
  • Purchasing cards is fast, personalized and instantaneous - great for last-minute gifts
  • Funds are immediately available (no need to wait for physical card to be mailed)

How It Works

It’s simple. Purchase the Queen City Card online, choose an amount, and it will be delivered by email or text message. Want to deliver your electronic gift card to the recipient in person? Simply choose “print for hand deliver.” Purchasers can also track when the gift is received and redeemed. 

Bulk Purchases

Interested in making a bulk purchase ($500 or more)? Contact Donna to discuss reduced eDelivery fees for paying by check, ACH or wire transfer.  

Where to Spend Your Queen City Card

The Queen City Card, powered by Yiftee, is accepted at participating merchants in Downtown Cincinnati and Over-the-Rhine. Vendors are always being added, so be sure to check back frequently to make sure your favorite restaurant or retailer accepts the digital Queen City Card. 

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Still Have a Downtown Cincinnati Gift Card?

Don't worry – if you have a physical Downtown Cincinnati Gift Card, it can still be used at all participating merchants. However, physical gift cards will no longer be sold at any locations. 

Additionally, inactivity fees will still be in place, which is a requirement of the previous gift card vendor. A $2.50 fee will be deducted monthly from card balances starting the 1st day after 1 year of inactivity. Activity means any action resulting in a change in Card balance, other than fee imposition, or adjustment due to error or prior transaction reversal.

Your current Card balance is available 24 hours a day online at or by calling 800-755-0085.

Contact us for more information at 513-621-4400.


Note: Only merchants on this list still accept the physical Downtown Cincinnati Gift Card. 


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