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DCID Annual Meeting and Board Elections

The DCID Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 10 at 9 a.m., located at the Taft Center, 425 Walnut Street, second floor. 

This meeting will include the election of the DCID Board of Trustees for 2022-2025. More information about the nominees and other topics is provided below. 

DCID Board of Trustees Nominations

This year’s meeting will include the election of five downtown property owners to serve on the DCID Board of Trustees from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2025. The Board’s duties are to ensure that the objectives of the Plan are achieved and that interests of property owners are being served.  The Board meets monthly.

As specified in the DCID Code of Regulations, the Board consists of nine (9) members:  five (5) elected members (representatives of DCID property owners) and four (4) appointed members.  Each Trustee represents one of the following categories:

Elected Representative of:

  1. Office Property - Class A (premier buildings with rents above average)
  2. Office Property - Class B (buildings with a wide range of users with rents in average ranges) or Class C (buildings competing for tenants requiring functional space)
  3. Retail Property
  4. Diversified Property (owner occupied property used for small business; residential property; or property used primarily for parking)
  5. Diversified Property (owner occupied property used for small business; residential property; or property used primarily for parking)

For information about each nominee, please read the bios provided below.

Category: Class A Office

Amanda Darnell

Vice President
EWS Senior Project Group Manager
Fifth Third Bank

Darnell photo 300 x 225

Category: Class B/C Office

Lindsey Taylor

Senior Director of Alternative Profit and Partnerships, Corporate Real Estate
The Kroger Company

Lindsey Taylor edit

Category: Retail

Bob Deck

Managing Partner
Four Entertainment Group

Bob Deck photo edit

Category: Diversified Property

Brian Banke

Global Real Estate Portfolio Leader
Workplace Services, Global Business Services
The Procter & Gamble Company


Category: Diversified Property

Jon Burger

Assistant Vice President and Director
Western and Southern
Financial Group

Burger_Jon_133342_lo_res original

Category: Diversified Property

Joan Meyer

Residential Condo Owner


Joan Meyer photo

Submitting a Proxy for Voting at the DCID Annual Meeting

If you are a property owner and cannot attend the annual meeting, you may select a representative to serve as a proxy. To send a representative to vote on your behalf please complete the Voting Proxy Form below and return to Cate Douglas at

Voting Proxy Form

The deadline to submit the form is November 5, 2021. 

Sample Ballot for DCID Board of Trustees Election

To view the Sample Ballot for the election, click on the link below. Please note this is a sample ballot for your advance information only— official ballots for voting will be distributed at the meeting on November 10.  Voting will be supervised, and ballots counted by the accounting firm, Barnes Dennig & Co., Ltd.

Sample Ballot