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exploring DOWNTOWN

Helpful Tips

All North and South-bound streets are named, instead of numbered. The phrase"Big Strong Men Will Very Rarely Eat Pork" helps to remember the first letter of each street name, from East to West (Broadway, Sycamore, Main, Walnut,Vine, Race, Elm and Plum).

All East and West-bound streets are numbered, instead of named, with the exception of Garfield (8th), Court (10th) and Central Parkway (11th). The numbers increase as you head North, away from the river.

If the business you're looking for is on a named street, then its address will indicate which numbered streets it‘s between. For example: Spotlight at 633 Main is between Sixth & Seventh streets. Or Scotti's restaurant at 919 Vine is between Ninth and Court streets.

Addresses on numbered streets are either on the East end or the West end of the street, with Vine Street being the divider. The address numbers get larger as you head away from Vine Street in either direction. For example: Lookout Joe Coffee at 15 W. Seventh is in the first block to the West of Vine Street. Or Arnold's Bar & Grill at 210 E. Eighth is in the third block East of Vine Street.

When traveling on East and West-bound streets, odd-numbered addresses are to the South. Even-numbered addresses are to the North. When traveling on North and South-bound streets, odd-numbered addresses are to the West. Even-numbered addresses are to the East.

For the most part, downtown streets are one-way. Look before turning! All East-West streets and North-South streets tend to alternate one-way directions. If you can't turn the way you want to, just go to the next street.


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